Support the Herbarium

Volunteer Opportunities

Please consider giving your time to the Claude E. Phillips Herbarium (DOV). The herbarium largely depends on dedicated volunteers for its operation. Activities are diverse and can be indoor or outdoor. Indoor activities include preparing herbarium specimens by mounting them on special papers, taking pictures of the specimens for the online herbarium, entering specimen information into the database, cataloging botanical literature, and helping with other tasks as needed. Outdoor activities generally focus on maintaining the arboretum and involve checking that the signs are attached, backing up the labels’ screws as well as light pruning as necessary.

No prior experience is necessary, and training will be provided for any activity. Schedule and frequency are very flexible. Volunteers will work alone or as a group, as desired, in a quiet and beautiful building in a climate-controlled environment and will contribute to the mission of the herbarium. Free parking is also available close to the herbarium.


DOV accepts donations of specimens, botanical literature and plant artifacts. Specimens should be large enough to occupy a 11 x 16 in herbarium sheet and must be accompanied by detailed labels that include the name of the collector, date and locality of the collection, and if possible GPS coordinates as well. Specimens with fertile structures and those serving as vouchers for botanical research are prioritized for accessioning into the herbarium. Artifacts should include place of origin, and if known, the plant family and/or species used. Financial contributions are also accepted and will assist in augmenting, preserving and caring for the collections as well as in supporting services and programs for the community. Please contact the herbarium for more information if considering in-kind or financial donations.