Upside Down Bean Experiment
The following experiment is a fun and easy way to see the effects of gravitropism on a plant

These are the materials needed to make your own upside down plant:

DSCN0429 copy

-Two sponges

-Small bean plant






Pour water over sponges until they are moist.

DSCN0447 copy

DSCN0449 copy

Take small potted plant out of pot and remove much of the soil. (We used a small bean plant that we planted in a plastic cup.)

DSCN0451 copy

Sandwich the root ball of the plant between two sponges.

DSCN0454 copy

Tie the string around the sponges lengthwise and widthwise. Then hang the plant upside down in a sunny window with a tray under it to catch excess water.

DSCN0460 copy

Keep the sponges watered and in a couple of days the plant will begin to turn around and grow upright!!

To see gravitropism in action press play and watch the plant grow upwards.