Leaf Rubbings

This fun exercise is a simple and quick method that allows children to view the details within a leaf. Often only children only view leaves as the green things on plants connected through a stem. This exercise will allow them to see the many important parts of a leaf.

These are the supplies needed to see the structures of a leaf
leaf materials

-Thin paper



Takes the paper wrapper off the crayons you will be using and go outside and find a tree that has leaves that you like. Search under the tree for fallen leaves that are still soft, if you cannot find any to gently break one off of the tree. On a flat hard surface, place the leaf in the position you wish to capture, and then place the paper over the leaf.

leaf sandwich

Holding the paper with one hand, rub the long side of the crayon over the leaf until you have a perfect copy of your leave on the piece of paper.

leaf blue

You can now see many of the veins that run throughout the length of the leaf. You might even be able to see the stem of your leaf. Be sure to use different leaves and colors so that you can compare the leaves of several plants and see how they are all very different. Below you can see our main leaf with two smaller leaves surrounding it.

leaf final