Water Transport

The following experiment is a fun and easy way to see how water and nutrients travel up the stem using xylem within the plant

These are the materials needed to view xylem in action:

Pasted Graphic
- 2 liter bottle

- 2 plastic cups

- 1 White Carnation with long stem

- Water

- Food Coloring (Whatever colors you wish, we chose red and blue)

- Scissors
(Adult needed)


Fill both of the cups with water and add about four or five drops of food coloring in to each of the cups. tablespoons of salt to one of the dishes. Using the scissors have a parent cut stem of the flower in half along the length of the flower until about half way up the stem. HAVE AN ADULT HELP YOU!

Pasted Graphic 1

Now place each side of the stem into one of the cups

flower in water

Let the flower sit in the water for around 48 hours

Pasted Graphic 3

After a few days you should clearly be able to see a color change in your flower. In the picture above you can see the top right part is nice and red while the bottom left of our flower in blue. This is the result of different parts of the stem up taking the different colors of water. You can experiment with all sorts of of food colors to make whatever color flower you wish. Below are some of the flowers we made.

Pasted Graphic 4

blue flower