Miniature Maze
The following experiment is a fun and easy way to see the effects of germination and the quick growth of grass

These are the materials needed to make your own miniature maze:

DSCN0437 copy

-Shallow cardboard box

-Potting soil

-Plastic bags


-Grass seed


Line the cardboard tray with plastic bags.
DSCN0506 copy


Tape down excess plastic

DSCN0512 copy

Fill the bottom of the tray with potting soil and moisten with water.  


Place stones in a maze design.


Sprinkle grass over soil.

DSCN0524 copy

Mist water the maze with a spray bottle often.


As grass begins to sprout, keep it cut low with scissors to encourage growth.


After about a week or two you can remove the stones and you have a miniature maze!!