Lentil Forest
The following experiment is a fun and easy way to see the effects of germination and the quick growth of some plants

These are the materials needed to make your own fast growing edible forest:

DSCN0423 copy


-Shallow dish or plate

-All purpose potting soil



Put a small amount of potting soil on the bottom of a shallow dish.
DSCN0377 copy

DSCN0381 copy

Now sprinkle a handful of lentils over the soil evenly.

DSCN0383 copy

Water lentils generously and press down any lentils that float above the water.

DSCN386 copy
Place dish in a semi- sunny window out of direct light and do not allow drying out.
In just over a week you will see the lentils beginning to sprout and before long you will have a lentil forest.
* You can use new lentil sprouts in a salad!