Hairy Potato Head
The following experiment is a fun and easy way to see the effects of germination and the quick growth of grass

These are the materials needed to make your own Potato Head with growing hair:
-Large potatoDSCN0126
-Cotton balls
-Small bowl or shallow dish
-Any quick growing grass seed
-Paring knife
-Spoon or melon baller
-Items that will stick into the potato to create a face
e.g., thumb tacks, rice grains, cloves)


Cut the top and bottom off of a large potato.
DSCN0221a copy

Ask an adult for help!

DSCN0231a copy

Use a spoon or a melon baller to scoop out the top of the potato (melon baller works best).

DSCN0233a copy

Put a few cotton balls in the hollowed out portion of the potato.

DSCN0252 copy

Make a face on your potato using your imagination and what you have around like, thumb tacks, rubber bands… (we glued google eyes on thumb tacks for the eyes).


Use the other end of the potato to sit in a shallow dish of water.


Sprinkle some grass seeds on the cotton balls and keep watered. Place dish near a window that gets some sun but not in direct sunlight (you may want to mist the top with water to keep in moist).

In a few days your potato will have a head of hair!!!!