Hairy Caterpillar
The following experiment is a fun and easy way to see the effects of germination and the quick growth of grass

These are the materials needed for the creation of your very own caterpillar:
-All purpose potting soil
-Nylon stocking
-Any quick growing grass seed
-Large bowl
-Paper cup (or any small container that you can cut with scissors)
-Colorful elastic pony tail holders or colored rubber bands
-Pipe cleaner
-Two trash bag ties
-Large google eyes (2)
-Small pom poms (2)
-Plastic bag
-Plate or shallow tray


In a large bowl, mix about 4 cups of soilwith 4 spoons of grass seedDCSN0189a copyDSCN0191a

Cut the bottom out of a paper cup or small container to create a funnel.
DSCN0122a copy
Ask an adult for assistance!

DSCN0196a copy

Pour a little less than a cup of the soil/seed mixture into the stocking


Slide a ponytail holder or rubber band over the end of the stocking to section it off a portion of soil.


Repeat until you have 5 colorful caterpillar segments. ie the end of the stocking into a knot and cut off any extra nylon remaining (this will be the nose).


Soak the caterpillar in water for 10 minutes then allow to sit in a plastic bag overnight


Remove the bag. To create the eyes stick two trash bag ties in the front of the stocking above the nose. Glue one google eye on the end of each trash tie.


To create the antennae, cut one pipe cleaner in half and glue one pom pom on the end of each half (or curl the pipe cleaner into a crazy shape). Stick each antenna into the stocking behind the eyes of the caterpillar. You can also use the pipe cleaners as legs for your caterpillar.


Place your caterpillar on a plate or tray near a sunny window and water thoroughly every other day.

DSCN0281a copy

In 4 to 5 days your caterpillar will begin to grow “hair”!