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The Fruits, Cones, & Seeds Collection is unique because it is a worldwide collection directly associated with a herbarium, including not only commercial samples but also many samples further authenticated by herbarium vouchers.

The Fruits, Cones, & Seeds Collection, established in 2000 at DOV, is a nascent but growing collection of 3,625 samples. The leading significant collections in the world include:

U. S. National Seed Herbarium (http:// with 120,000 seed & fruit samples
Kew Gardens' "Herbarium Seed Collection," comprising 12,000 species (http://

Each sample in the Fruits, Cones, & Seeds Collection is:
authenticated by the collector or commercial company, with the state or country in which the samples were collected
identified to at least genus, but most often to species.

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The Fruits, Cones, & Seeds Collection is intended for display, scientific research, teaching, education and other Herbarium programs. Future goals are to increase the coverage of species from Asia, Africa, and South America, both in literature and specimens.

Donations to Fruits, Cones, & Seeds Collection have included the following, with thanks. We welcome your future participation!