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The Dried Botanicals Collection is unique because it is an actively curated collection held in conjunction with a herbarium and routinely used for identifying materials for U.S. companies and government agencies.

The Dried Botanicals Collection, established in 2000, includes 1,405 specimens of dried plants of flavor/fragrance/medicine from the early to late 20th century and into the 21st century. Two other principal collections exists in the U.S.:
The Field Museum of Chicago with 12,000 specimens in the Timothy C. Plowman Economic Botany Collection.
The William L. Brown Center for Plant Genetic Resources at the Missouri Botanical garden in St. Louis with over 10,000 samples in their “food library”: http://

Each sample in the Dried Botanicals Collection is:
authenticated by the collector or commercial company, with the state or country in which the samples were collected
identified to at least genus, but most often to species.

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The Dried Botanicals Collection is intended for display, scientific research, teaching, education and other Herbarium programs.

Donations to the Dried Botanicals Collection have included the following, with thanks. We welcome your future participation!

Ms. Anne Abbott
Ms. Dorothy Bonitz
Dr. Keith Clancy
Mr. Stephen Facciola
Mr. Michael McGuffin
Ms. Ruth Smith
Mr. Rexford Talbert
Dr. Thomas Zanoni